Kim Jong Un Coronavirus Vaccine: South Korea Says North Korean Hackers Attempted to Steal Coronavirus Vaccine Information: North Korea Says Hackers in North Korea Are Trying to Steal Research on vaccines

Even though North Korea and its dictator Kim Jong-un refused to spread the corona virus epidemic in the country, South Korean intelligence services claimed that hackers in its neighboring country stole information on the vaccines. and treatments. However, this claim was rejected, that vaccine maker Pfizer Inc was the target of this attack.

Previously, Ha Tei Kyeung, a member of the South Korean parliament’s intelligence affairs committee, told reporters that the National Intelligence Service (NIS) told him and other lawmakers during a closed-door briefing, that North Korea had administered the Kovid-19 vaccines that Pfizer was hacked into to obtain the technology from.

Company name not taken
After Ha’s claim hit the headlines, NIS said no pharmaceutical company was named when it informed lawmakers about the North Korean hack. Stressing, the NIS public relations office said Ha’s remarks were “false.” When the Associated Press contacted Ha, he was firm on his claim.

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He said that according to the NIS document presented to him, North Korea attempted to steal (vaccine technology) from Pfizer and attempted to steal the technology from a South Korean vaccine and pharmaceutical company. . Ha said deputies should return the documents after the session to give the details. He said the word Pfizer was so clear that during the briefing I didn’t even ask him any verbal questions about it. On Bo Young, the public relations manager of Pfizer’s South Korea office, said in a written message that he confirmed Ha’s request from its global headquarters.

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