Kim Jong-un: Kim Jong-un deployed an anti-aircraft gun at the Chinese border, who ordered to kill on sight? – Kim Jong-un deployed anti-aircraft guns on China’s border with North Korea, ordering anyone found nearby to be shot

During the Corona Crisis, the infatuation of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un intensified. Under his command, anti-aircraft guns were deployed along the border with China. Not only that, North Korean border guards were also ordered to immediately shoot anyone found within 0.6 miles of the border. Previously, this task was assigned to Sharp Shooters. Apart from that, a network of landmines has also been laid in the border area, but to prevent infiltration of people, the dictator must now deploy an anti-aircraft fire platoon called his killing machine.

People fleeing North Korea to China
Kim Jong Un has closed his country’s border indefinitely since the corona virus infection began. The strictness at the border is such that trade with China has also been completely stopped. This caused a shortage of everyday items in North Korea. Troubled by Kim Jong’s infatuation, the North Korean people are considering leaving the country and settling in China.

Deployment of anti-aircraft guns to stop people
Every month, a large number of North Korean citizens secretly leave the country to go to China. This is why Kim Jong Un’s problems increased. The North Korean dictator has now deployed anti-aircraft guns along the border, angered by the way people are exiting. These weapons can precisely target people over long distances. Their attack is so deadly that no ballistic shield or body armor can stop their bullets.

Anti-aircraft gun mounted at the border in November
In October, a military source in North Korea’s Hameong province, North Korea, told the United States-backed Radio Free Asia website that in October the General Command ordered the deployment of a cannon. for planes at the border. As of mid-November, the 9th Corps Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion was stationed in Horiyong and Masan and Onsong counties.

More deployments have taken place in infiltrated areas
According to sources, battalions of anti-aircraft guns have been deployed in areas where there is the greatest risk of infiltration. The number of border security officers in these areas is also lower than in other areas. As a result, a large number of North Korean citizens are infiltrating China from these regions. This is why Kim Jong has excluded his anti-aircraft gun battalions from winter 2020 military training. So that he can work on his deployment to the border.

Anti-aircraft guns watched the soldiers
Kim Jong not only tasked the anti-aircraft gunner with fleeing North Korea to the people, but he also asked to keep an eye out for special forces soldiers. These special forces carry out the mission in collaboration with the local border guards. For this reason, special forces and border guards fear they too will be shot.

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