Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong Un ordered to improve the fighting efficiency of the North Korean army

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has announced an increase in the combat capacity of his country’s army. Kim Jong Un, who attended the second meeting of the Central Military Commission working under the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), inquired about the strategic situation on the Korean Peninsula. The Central Military Commission is one of the most powerful bodies in North Korea. This body is responsible for the security of North Korea and the functioning of the three parts of the military.

Clear instructions given to increase the strength of the army
After the meeting, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim Jong Un had given clear instructions to increase the military’s combat capability. Besides members of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, executive members of the North Korean People’s Army also attended the meeting. During this meeting, recent developments related to the strategic situation in the country and in the world were discussed.

Full details of Korean army strength
KCNA reported that Kim Jong Un inquired about the status and effectiveness of the North Korean military before setting strategic goals and deciding how to strengthen them. Kim Jong said the People’s Army should always be ready to defend the country’s sovereignty and security. Not only that, the army must also protect the party, revolutionary work, the interests of the state and the people and the socialist construction.

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Kim Jong prepares for nuclear weapons launch
Just months before Kim Jong Un ordered his army to be ready to launch nuclear missiles at any time. According to South Korean NK News report, the order was issued on the birthday of North Korea’s founder Kim Il-sung. This day is a public holiday in North Korea and people celebrate the Sun Festival.

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An open university for making weapons
In April, the North Korean dictator established a university dedicated to manufacturing missiles and nuclear weapons. According to reports, the college has been named Kim Jong Un National Defense University. Work will be done on the development of hypersonic missile technology here. Hypersonic missiles are capable of traveling at a speed five times the speed of sound. It is almost impossible to stop them with current missile defense systems.

North Korea commits to building army of killer dolphins
North Korea is building an army of killer dolphins these days. On the American lines, dolphinfish are trained in this country to destroy landmines and kill enemy divers. Based on photographs obtained by the United States Naval Institute, it is said that North Korea’s Naval Marine Mammal program began in October 2015. The dolphin training grounds were first sighted in the gray water of a shipyard.

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