Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong Un sentenced to death Senior officer for buying cheap medical equipment from China: Kim Jong Un sentenced to death for buying substandard medical equipment from China

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un sentenced one of his senior officials to death for buying substandard medical products from China. This officer had purchased substandard goods from China for Kim Jong’s Dream Project Hospital under construction in the capital Pyongyang. Kim Jong wanted to get everything in this hospital from European countries, because he believes that the products from these countries are of the best quality in the world.

Kim Jong wanted to build a hospital in six months
According to South Korea’s Daily NK newspaper, Kim Jong destroyed Pyongyang General Hospital in his presence in March of last year with great fanfare. He wanted to build a big, big hospital there in just 6 months. Despite Kim’s instructions, the hospital was not ready on the inauguration date. There was a serious shortage of medical equipment at this hospital. Therefore, an official overseeing North Korea’s import-export hastily purchased goods from China.

Revealed at the hospital review meeting
This report indicates that when Kim Jong held a review meeting of this hospital, he learned of the existence of these items. He immediately convicted the officer and killed him. The officer killed was a deputy director of the Department of External Affairs, around 50 years old. This agent was responsible for imports and exports to North Korea.

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Kim Jong considers European products to be good
According to the report, an official from the Ministry of Health was also dismissed from his post in this case. Kim Jong Un spent most of his childhood in Switzerland. He is convinced that the products of European countries are of the best quality compared to the rest of the world. Therefore, his party allocated huge funds for the construction of this hospital.

Goods not received from Europe due to restrictions and corona
North Korea is said to have been unable to obtain medical equipment from European countries due to North Korea’s ban and the corona virus outbreak. After which, it was decided to import inferior products from China at a lower price. Kim Jong was not informed of this decision. This information came to light when the dictator of North Korea learned of it.

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