Kim Jong-un: Kim Jong-un Taliban convicted of breaking Corona rules, shoots defendants with bullets – Kim Jong-un publicly executes citizen by firing squad for breaking coronavirus restriction rules in North Korea

The enthusiasm of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un continues to grow. It has imposed strict restrictions to prevent Corona infection in the country. Recently, accused of violating these restrictions, he shot a person through a firing squad in public. Not only that, they also deployed anti-aircraft guns at the Chinese border to scare their citizens. Those who arrived within 1 km of the border were also ordered to shoot immediately.

The scod shot exploded when the crown broke the rules

The Daily Mail reportedly reported by Radio Free Asia that a person was publicly shot dead by the North Korean military on November 28 at their request to scare people because of the Corona rules. The deceased accused was caught smuggling from China, violating Corona’s restrictions. Explain that North Korea has officially closed its border since March.

Killed in front of everyone for threatening people

According to sources, the North Korean administration publicly shot the accused for threatening residents of the border region. Due to which the panic in the minds of the people remains. Kim Jong He suspects that people on the Chinese border have more contact with people across the border. Many people along the border are involved in smuggling from China. In such a situation, North Korea is concerned that these people will spread the corona virus in the country.

The deceased was smuggling with a Chinese partner

The age of the deceased would be around 50 years old. He and his Chinese partner had been involved in cross-border contraband work for several months. In recent times, North Korean border guards have also been accused of being involved in smuggling. Since then, Kim Jong has deployed special troops to the border area. Those crossing the contraband will also keep an eye out for border guards deployed along the border.

North Korea claims it doesn’t have a single corona infection

North Korea has officially claimed that there has not been a single case of the corona virus in its country to date. But this claim is suspect by most countries in the world. Experts also claim that due to strict censorship in North Korea, it is impossible to spread the right information. In such a case, the government’s request cannot be confirmed.

People fleeing North Korea to China

Kim Jong Un has closed his country’s border indefinitely since the corona virus infection began. The strictness at the border is such that trade with China has also been completely stopped. This caused a shortage of everyday items in North Korea. Troubled by Kim Jong’s infatuation, the North Korean people are considering leaving the country and settling in China.

Deployment of anti-aircraft guns to stop people

Every month, a large number of North Korean citizens secretly leave the country to go to China. This is why Kim Jong Un’s problems increased. The North Korean dictator has now deployed anti-aircraft guns along the border, angered by the way people are exiting. These weapons can precisely target people over long distances. Their attack is so deadly that no ballistic shield or body armor can stop their bullets.

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