Kim Jong Un News: Find out why North Korea Kim Jong Un is waging war on slang jeans and foreign films

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North Korean cynical dictator Kim Jong Un recently introduced a new law, under which the death penalty for using foreign films, clothing and vulgar language was stopped with thapyongyang.
North Korea’s cynical dictator Kim Jong Un recently introduced a new law. Within this framework, arrangements have been made for the use of foreign films, clothing and vulgar language to eliminate foreign influence in North Korea, ranging from the death penalty to prison. Kim Jong Un sentenced a man to death only because he got caught with a South Korean film.

Eun Mi So was 11 when a North Korean was executed. Meanwhile, his entire neighborhood was ordered to monitor the entire process of the death sentence. So said in a conversation with the BBC that if you don’t watch the death penalty it will be considered treason. North Korean guards made sure everyone knew that smuggling porn videos could lead to the death penalty.

So said it was very painful for him to see this. I had water in my eyes. North Korean soldiers shot this man. You imagine a country where the lockdown is imposed by the government continuously and where there is no internet. There is no social media and only a few government TV stations that keep saying what the country’s leaders want to hear from you. This is the situation in North Korea.

If found in possession of media material, the death penalty
Today, Kim Jong Un’s administration enacted a new law against “reactionary views”. Anyone found in possession of media material from South Korea, America or Japan will be sentenced to death. Not only that, those who are caught seeing this, they can be sentenced to 15 years. Recently, Kim wrote a letter saying that the country’s youth league should take action against anti-socialist ideology among young people.

Kim wants to stop the spread of foreign speech, hairstyles and clothing among young people. He called it a dangerous poison. According to South Korea’s Daily NK, these teens were sent to re-education camps because their hair was cut like Korean pop stars. According to the BBC, this is because Kim Jong Un has waged a war on outside information.

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