Kim Jong Un News: Kim Jong Un writes North Korea New Years letter 2021: Kim Jong Un writes North Korea New Years 2021

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un thanked him for supporting his leadership in the difficult times of the New Year. Thousands of people across the country greeted the New Year with fireworks, dancing and singing at Kim Il Sung Square in the capital Pyongyang. Not only that, the New Year, he also wrote a card for the citizens of the country, which was done for the first time since 1995. Kim usually gives a speech on television on January 1 of each year.

Thanks to the country given
According to the Korean Central News Agency, Kim wrote in the letter, “I wish all families across the country happiness and wish them good luck.” Earlier, Kim’s father Kim Il wrote a letter, after which this is done for the second time. North Korea said no cases of corona infection had been found. He thanked the people for their support for the party in “difficult times”. It is believed to be referring to the corona virus and international economic sanctions.

The eyes are on biden
A congress will be organized soon in the country where new economic and political plans will be discussed. This will be the first such meeting in five years and the eighth in the country’s history. The Congress, which was held in 2016, was held after 36 years. Congress reportedly preceded the swearing-in ceremony of newly elected US President Joe Biden on January 20. Significantly, after the Hanoi summit in 2019, relations between the United States and North Korea within the Trump administration remained strained.

Relationships are not good
North Korea’s relations with new President Biden are also not very good. Korea called Joe Biden “stupid”. In an official statement, Pyongyang even said Biden was in the last stages of dementia. Not only that, authorities even likened him to a rabid dog who should be beaten to death with a pole. On the other hand, even though Biden has not clarified his policy on North Korea, he said he would not meet Kim Jong Un without agreeing to reduce nuclear weapons.

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