Kim Jong Un News: Why Kim Jong Un Is Called President Instead Of President: Kim Jong Tells Him President Instead Of President

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The title of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has been replaced by that of English president, president replaced by president in English. Until now, this title was for the founder of the country, Kim’s grandfather. You want to look normal like other countries Kim: experts can be the grandfather Try to be powerful like hoopyong
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un will no longer be the country’s president. He will not resign, but his title will be “President” instead of “President”. Media quoting the Korean Central News Agency claimed that Kim would now be officially called the “president.” Until now, the title was a reserve for his grandfather and the country’s founder Kim Il Sung.

Title change in English
The Korean Central News Agency released a report on Kim on Wednesday. Kim took a tour of the Kumusan Palace of the Sun outside Pyongyang. He was here for the birthday of his father, President Kim Jong Il. In its report, KCNA described Kim Jong Un as the “state affairs president of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”. Previously, KCNA called him chairman of the State Affairs Commission. However, this title has been changed to English and is the same in Korean.

Want to look normal?
Since this news broke, a discussion has started as to why the name change to English only. South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency quoted experts as saying that North Korea may be trying to make the world look like a “normal country.” Like other countries like Russia and China, calling your head of state president can be part of that effort.

Want some strength, Kim Jong?
It is also claimed that Kim Jong wants to be as strong as his grandfather. Kim Il Sung had been in power for 46 years and died in 1994. At a party meeting last month, Kim was elected general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Previously, the post was held by Kim Jong Il who was in power for 17 years. He died in 2011.

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