Kim Jong Un North Korea: Kim Jong Un plans death penalty for those who ran in China

The “rebels” who fled North Korea to China risk losing their lives. Dictator Kim Jong has devised a plan to impose the death penalty on these people. From North Korean soldiers to Air Force pilots, there are at least 50 people who have been returned by China and now they can receive this terrible punishment.

According to Radio Free Asia, those arrested in China fleeing North Korea will have to pay a heavy price. At the same time, according to the DailyExpress report, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people who have fled to China to reach a third country. In such a situation, these people are sent back to North Korea.

Quoting a Chinese national of Korean descent, the Dailystar writes that the customs office in Dangdong was only open for one day and those who fled North Korea were sent back on two buses. The police lined up so that this action could not be recorded.

more people can be fired
Sources told the portal that one of those people was a woman who made a lot of money in China, but her neighbors exposed her truth. There are even more of these North Korean citizens in China who can be deported. It was said that China had already talked about sacking these citizens, but North Korea refused, citing the corona virus.

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