Kim Jong Un Nuclear Weapons: Kim Jong Threatens United States More Powerful Nuclear Weapons: North Korea Gives America Nuclear Threat

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong will threaten them to build more powerful nuclear weapons. US’s biggest enemy, defense demanded to develop long-range nuclear missiles
The tenure of US President Donald Trump is coming to an end, and just before that, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un warned. He said he was going to increase his nuclear weapons and develop better weapon systems than before. He also said that relations with the United States will depend on whether or not he changes his policy. Kim is said to have issued the warning in order to put pressure on newly elected President Joe Biden.

He was asked to make an advanced weapon
During the ruling Workers’ Party Congress, Kim called on his officials to build missiles capable of carrying multiple weapons, nuclear missiles launched underwater, spy satellites and nuclear-capable submarines. He said North Korea should increase the accuracy of its attack and develop firepower of up to 15,000 km. This distance is believed to be directed towards America. In addition, there have been calls for the development of technology for transporting small and light nuclear warheads on long-range missiles.

North Korea, which called Biden a ‘mad dog’, will remain tense over new President Kim Jong-un’s atomic bomb

America said danger
The Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim as saying that North Korea would not use nuclear weapons unless it first tries to use weapons against it. However, he made it clear that there was a need to boost the country’s military and nuclear capabilities given the threat of the US attack. Kim did not mention any US action during this time, as he previously viewed his military exercises with South Korea, US surveillance planes, and the US military presence in South Korea as action against him.

America is the worst enemy
Kim described America as her greatest enemy and said the country’s goal should be to respond to the United States, which is the biggest obstacle in its revolution. He said that peace and prosperity will not come to Korea until the defense against the US military threat is strengthened. He also said that regardless of the US government, its stance against Korea will not change.

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