Kim Jong Un on US: North Korean leader Kim tells US to prepare for clash

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Kim Jong Un calls on Biden administration to prepare for both dialogue and confrontation US urges North Korea to abandon nuclear program and adopt negotiated path
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has called on his government to prepare for both dialogue and confrontation with Joe Biden’s administration in the United States. State media gave the news on Friday. Just days ago, the United States and other countries insisted on abandoning their nuclear program with North Korea and returning to the path of talks.

Some pundits said Kim’s statement showed he wanted to sharply increase his nuclear arsenal and pressure the United States to abandon policies, which North Korea describes as hostile. However, Kim is also ready to resume talks. During the meeting of the ruling party in the country on Thursday, Kim gave a detailed analysis of American politics under the leadership of Joe Biden.

confrontation preparation
Kim stressed the need to be prepared for both dialogue and confrontation during this time. In particular, to protect the prestige of the country and in the interest of independent development and to ensure the security and peaceful environment of the country, be prepared for any confrontational situation. Earlier, Kim Jong Un announced that he would increase the combat capacity of his country’s army.

Kim Jong Un, who attended the second meeting of the Central Military Commission working under the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK), inquired about the strategic situation on the Korean Peninsula. The Central Military Commission is one of the most powerful bodies in North Korea. This body is responsible for the security of North Korea and the functioning of the three parts of the military.

Clear instructions given to increase the strength of the army
After the meeting, the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim Jong Un had given clear instructions to increase the military’s combat capability. Besides members of the Central Military Commission of the Workers’ Party of Korea, executive members of the North Korean People’s Army also attended the meeting. During this meeting, recent developments related to the strategic situation of the country and the world were discussed.

Kim Jong Un warns America

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