Kim Jong Un Party Conference: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un to Hold Party Conference and Significant Meeting After Five Years – North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un to Hold Party Conference After Five Years

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reviewed the agenda for the crucial ruling party conference to be held early next month. This information was given to the media on Tuesday. This ended the speculation that this meeting could be postponed due to the Kovid-19 outbreak.

This “Workers’ Party” conference will be held in five years. It is the largest political conference in North Korea, which mainly sets new political and economic priorities. In addition, a reshuffle of senior officials and a review of old projects is carried out. This meeting comes at a time when the country is under extreme caution over the corona virus.

North Korea’s Central News Agency said Wednesday that Kim and other senior officials met and discussed important issues to bring to Congress by meeting with the Politburo. It was decided at the meeting that the conference would be held “early January”. However, the duration of the conference is unclear. In 2016, the conference, which was held after 34 years, lasted for four days.

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