Kim Jong Un photos: Kim Jong Un looks weak in new photos: Kim Jong Un looks weak in new photos

New photos of North Korean dictator Kim Jong, best known for his “brutality”, are catching people’s attention this time around for a different reason. In fact, Kim Jong has lost at least 20kg this year. Recently, photos of him saluting military officers have surfaced. Upon seeing them, their Mao brand costume had become loose after losing weight.

Interestingly, a month ago state media expressed concern over Kim’s health. Usually Kim’s health is not discussed and related information is kept secret, but now her weight is also discussed and concerns are expressed as well. In the first workshop of Korean People’s Army commanders and police officers, Kim appeared very thin. For this reason, there has also been speculation that he is ill.

“Broke after seeing Kim’s condition”
State-owned KCTV last month quoted a civilian as saying locals were shattered after seeing Kim’s condition. The economic situation in North Korea was already deteriorating and the country is going through a crisis due to the corona virus. The food crisis also arose and the economy collapsed due to border rules.

health for the first time
At the same time, North Korean experts say discussing Kim’s health like this on state television is a public relations exercise. In telling the world about his health, the government wants some comfort to come as well, and people to be made aware that even in such a situation, Kim Jong is working for him. In the past, there have been reports of Kim’s health and claims have been made until death, but after missing for a few weeks or months, Kim comes back to the fore and no one knows where he was. go.

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