Kim Jong Un Sister Kim Yo Jong calls on South Korean President America-raised Parrot: South Korean President Moon’s sister Dictator Kim Jong Un told ‘America’s pet parrot’

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The South Korean president criticizes North Korea’s missile test, sparking outrage from Kim Yong Jong, the powerful sister of dictator Kim Jong Un.
Dictator Kim Jong Un’s powerful sister Kim Yo Jong flared up after South Korean President Moon Jae-in criticized North Korea for carrying out missile tests. Kim Yo Jong questioned Moon’s intention to criticize North Korea’s shift to “self-defense.” Kim Yo Jong called the statement a “ gangster-type argument ” and said Moon was “ America’s parrot. ”

Earlier, Moon said that the measures taken by North Korea made it difficult to create a positive atmosphere for the dialogue. Moon said, “I know people are very concerned about the North Korean missile test. Now is the time for North and South Korea and the United States to work towards continuing our dialogue ”. Kim Yo Jong sharply criticized Moon’s statement, saying it was the climax of shamelessness. The North Korean leader said that Moon meant that the measures we have taken to strengthen national security raise concern in the minds of the South Korean people. Although this is our statutory right.
North Korea fired 2 ballistic missiles again, will Biden ignore that too?
“ Irrational and shameless behavior of South Korea ”
The dictator’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, said, “This kind of irrational and shameless behavior by South Korea is exactly the same as that of the United States which takes away North Korea’s right to self-defense. ” It is a violation of UN resolutions and a threat to the international community ”. Previously, South Korea and Japan had claimed that North Korea fired two missiles into the East China Sea on Thursday.

Last Saturday, North Korea also tested several other missiles. North Korea is said to be conducting the tests to put pressure on the Biden administration after the stalemate in relations with the United States. The stalemate came after North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s second summit failed with former US President Donald Trump in February 2019. In this negotiation, the US rejected North Korea’s demand to remove the major sanctions imposed on it in exchange for the partial cessation of its nuclear program.

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