Kim Jong Un Sister Threat: North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un Sister Kim Yo Jong Warns US Against South Korea: Military Exercises Will Damage Relations

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Kim Yo Jong, the very powerful sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, was inflamed on the exercise between the American and South Korean military, Kim Yo Jong said that this maneuver would increase the tension on the Korean peninsula.
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s very powerful sister, Kim Yo Jong, has broken down over exercise between the United States and the South Korean military. Kim Yo Jong warned that this exercise will increase tension on the Korean Peninsula. The North Korean leader also said it would also affect efforts to restore mutual trust between the leaders of the two countries.

Kim Yo Jong, who oversees foreign relations with South Korea, said: “Over the past few days, I have been hearing unpleasant news that the exercises between South Korean and US forces may go as planned.” The North Korean leader’s sister said it would rekindle tensions between the two Koreas and reduce the chances of better relations.

North Korea, South Korea agree to resume talks
“Our government and our military will be watching closely whether South Korea conducts hostile exercises in August or takes any other important decision,” Kim Yo Jong said. The South Korean Defense Ministry is said to be in talks with the United States on where and when to conduct the annual exercise this summer so that its relationship with North Korea does not deteriorate.

Previous exercises between the United States and South Korea were done by computer. Early last week, North Korea and South Korea agreed to restore the line of mutual dialogue. About a year ago, North Korea blew up a joint communications office with explosives. This office was built on the border in Keesong.

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