Kim Jong Un threatens anyone caught listening to K-pop over 15 years in prison

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has openly threatened K-pop fans. He said it was like cancer. In North Korea, if anyone is caught listening to this or watching the drama from South Korea, they will be jailed for 15 years in a labor camp. Korean pop from South Korea is colloquially known as K-pop. Based primarily on Western music, K-pop has now found many dance moves and musical styles. For this reason, this South Korean pop music will attract crazy fans from all over the world.

K-pop fans around the world
South Korean music, TV shows, and movies are popular around the world. This includes North Korea buried under the burden of dictatorship. North Koreans are also very fond of K-pop because of the similarity in language, food, culture, etc. The government decides on the cultural life of the people in North Korea. This is the same as Kim Jong Un issued this threatening order upon seeing South Korean culture growing in North Korea.

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How South Korean entertainment is finally reaching North Korea
Entertainment is limited in North Korea. Censorship of the media and the Internet has led people to take them out of South Korea for entertainment. This is the reason why over the past decades South Korea has been smuggled across the border via storage devices such as VCRs, CDs and DVDs. After the border restriction, the smuggling route of these means of entertainment also changed. Now all of these products are supplied via USB sticks from the border with China.

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North Korean media also spat poison
According to the New York Times report, North Korean state media have reacted strongly to the issue almost daily in recent months. The media here write and talk about the growing anti-socialist wave in North Korea every day through South Korean K-pop movies, dramas and music. This is the reason why Kim Jong issued an order to stop the cultural invasion.

Kim Jong Un announces sanction
It has been said in Kim Jong Un’s order that South Korea’s music and TV soap operas corrupt our country’s dress, hairstyle, language and demeanor. In December itself, a related law was introduced in which watching any entertainment from South Korea can be punished with 15 years in a labor camp. Previously, this maximum sentence was only 5 years. Not only that, there is a provision for the death penalty if people are caught smuggling these USB drives.

Kim jong un

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