Kim Jong Un Watch: What Kim Jong Un $ 12,000 Watch Says About His Weight Loss

A watch strapped to the wrist of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is causing a lot of talk these days. People are also speculating on this Swiss made watch. The North Korean dictator’s watch, which has been seen in public for the first time in months, is not the subject of price discussions. This time, after analyzing the latest photos of Kim Jong, it was claimed that he has become much slimmer than before.

Watch revealed Kim Jong’s health
South Korean news outlet NK News analyzed the recently released photo of Kim Jong Un and claimed that the dictator had lost a lot of weight. Many intelligence agencies around the world are also keeping an eye on the health of this dictator, known for his eccentricities. New photos from North Korean state media, Korea’s Central News Agency, show his IWC Schaffhausen Portofino watch strapped to the wrist.

Kim K watch cost $ 12,000
Based on photos by Kim Jong Un, this Seoul-based news site said the Swiss-made watch in his hand is worth $ 12,000. Looking at his tightness, it can be deduced that his health is not good at the moment. For a year, Kim Jong Un has been missing in public for several months. Meanwhile, all kinds of speculation has been made about his health as well.

Kim Jong Un weighs so much
The leaders of this North Korean dictator’s family have a history of heart disease. The South Korean spy agency told lawmakers in November that Kim Jong Un’s estimated weight was around 140 kilograms. Since coming to power in 2011, he had gained around 50 kilograms. NK News senior correspondent Colin Zwirko said foreign intelligence agencies wanted to know if Kim Jong Un was healthy enough to remain the leader for long. If he’s not feeling well, why is he hiding.
Kim Jong Un is “alive” now! North Korean dictator reappeared after proving death speculations to be false
Kim Jong was seen after months on June 5
Kim Jong Un appeared at a public event months later on June 5. During it, Kim Jong attended the first meeting of the ruling party’s political bureau. According to South Korean news agency Yonhap, Kim Jong-un was last seen in public on May 6 before the meeting. Then he posed for a photo with North Korean soldiers and their families. It is said to be the first time in 2021, when Kim Jong Un has been missing for so long.

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