Kim Jong-un’s North Korean Army Nuclear Missile Program: Kim Jong-un Halts North Korean Army’s Nuclear Missile Manufacturing Program

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is now trying to get his country out of starvation instead of building a nuclear bomb. North Korea’s economic situation is believed to have deteriorated due to the Corona virus lockdown. Due to which more than half of the population suffers from food cravings. Kim Jong warned earlier this year that North Korea could face a famine equivalent to the disaster of 1994-1998. 35 lakh people died in this famine.

Food crisis deepens in North Korea
As the food crisis deepens in North Korea, Kim Jong Un is shifting policy from the military to civilians, according to the report. North Korean state media on Thursday published photos of Kim Jong Un with several senior officials at his family’s grave. Everyone standing in the front row with Kim is dressed in normal clothing, while officers in military uniforms stand behind.
Kim K’s priority poll unveiled from photo
Ri Pyong Chol, the most prominent figure in North Korea’s ballistic weapons program, is seen standing several lines behind Kim Jong-un. He also wore civilian clothes instead of his usual military uniform. This has led to speculation that Ri Pyong Chol has been removed from the Presidium of the ruling Politburo in North Korea.

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The expert also supported this claim
Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ken Goge, a North Korean expert at the CAN think tank in Washington DC, said this shows the military is no longer a priority in that country. He also said that internally Kim Jong Un focuses on the economy, not the nuclear program. Now, the North Korean military has been lowered in the country’s order of precedence.

Kim angry with authorities over corona virus lockdown
Last week, Kim Jong-un expressed his anger at some of North Korea’s top officials at a meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party. He claimed that the party suffered from chronic irresponsibility and incompetence among its leaders. Kim called it a serious incident, calling it a great threat to the country’s security. Kim notably criticized his subordinates for their inaction in planning and implementing the coronavirus containment.

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North Korea has not released the number of infected corona so far
Officially, North Korea has yet to report a single case of the coronavirus. Still, experts monitoring that country say the Corona outbreak is increasing in North Korea after the internal travel ban goes into effect. When the Corona outbreak began, Pyongyang dramatically increased security along the border with China, stopping smugglers.

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