kim yo jong ordered murders: kim yo jong: kim jong un brutal sister shot dead by senior officer in panic, north korea in panic – kim jong sister kim yo jong ordered series of killings of northern officers – terrified Koreans

Kim Yo Jong, the highly autocratic sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, launched a “cleanliness campaign” in the country and a senior official was gunned down. This brutal order from Kim Yo Jong created an atmosphere of respect among North Korean officials. Kim Yo Jong is said to have ordered several officers to be shot for carrying out a cleansing campaign in government agencies.

In its report, Radio Free Asia quoted two North Korean officials as saying, “The news of shooting a senior officer in Pyongyang remains a matter of discussion between the authorities.” We don’t know which officer was killed. However, we learned from our senior officer that the accused officer was shot dead at the Kim Yo Jong base.

Sources said that in November last year, the Central Party was informed of the gold smuggling. After that, a total of 10 security officers from the country’s border security command were shot dead in December. Apart from that, nine other people were sentenced to life sentences. Kim Yo Jong collects data on those who say people challenge the authority of the party.

North Korean sources said Kim Yo Jong told his brother, dictator Kim Jong Un, about it. Many officers were executed for rebelling against the party. He also said that the protest against Kim Yo Jong was also growing very quickly. Sources also said that the Central Party is examining all officials in Ryanggang Province on Kim Yo Jong’s orders so that the rebels can be traced. Many were transferred to camps built for political prisoners.

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