kim yo jong politburo workers party: Kim Yo Jong has no place in the politburo, dictator Kim Jong did not shock his sister! – North Korean leader Kim Jong, sister Kim Yo Jong, missing from ruling Workers’ party political bureau

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Kim Jong Un did not place his influential sister Kim Yo Jong in the powerful political office of the party. The North Korean dictator’s decision fueled speculation over Kim Yo Jong that the North Korean dictator would have Mixed signaling between growing effect
North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un did not include his highly influential sister Kim Yo Jong in the powerful political bureau of the ruling Workers’ Party. Kim’s decision has fueled speculation about Kim Yo Jong. The North Korean dictator has reportedly given mixed signals amid his sister’s growing influence.

The Central Committee was elected in North Korea on Sunday. Kim Yo Jong will always remain a member of the Central Committee but was not included in the Politburo list. Previously, Kim Jong Un was expected to be able to include his sister’s name on the Politburo’s list. Earlier in the party meeting, Kim Yo Jong was also seen among 38 leaders.

Kim Yo Jong acts as the country’s number two leader
Kim Yo Jong’s influence has grown very rapidly over the years. Kim Yo Jong was initially seen as his brother’s personal secretary, then as a special envoy to South Korea. In 2017, she became the second woman to become a member of the Central Committee. The South Korean intelligence agency believes Kim Yo-jong is the country’s number two leader.

On the other hand, North Korean affairs expert Lim Il Chul said, “It is too early to draw conclusions about Kim Jong Un’s status as he is still a member of the Central Committee. It is also possible that Kim Jong Un has secured other important positions. The committee chose Kim Jong Un as the party’s general secretary, which was given to his father earlier. Kim Jong Un is believed to have done this to further strengthen his grip.

Kim Jong Un did not give his sister a seat in the Politburo

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