King Emeritus plans to return to Spain for Christmas after regularizing his situation with the Treasury

Publication: Monday December 7 2020 10:31

The king has moved to his surroundings his intention to return to Spain at Christmas to spend a few days in the palace, according to the newspaper ‘El Mundo’. Don Juan Carlos has expressed his desire to return to Spain almost since leaving for the United Arab Emirates in early August. But Casa del Rey is currently reluctant to return to the Zarzuela complex and is analyzing the situation, according to the same information.

Another media, “Voz Pópuli”, assures that Juan Carlos I plans his return once he regularizes his tax situation with the Treasury. He quotes sources close to the King Emeritus, who do not rule out that the trip takes place during the Christmas holidays after more than four months of stay in the United Arab Emirates.

However, Don Juan Carlos, who has not yet made an official statement, has also made it known that he is unwilling for his return to cause an institutional crisis that harms his son. He stressed that he was not prepared to return if the Government and the Casa del Rey did not agree. From the government, Minister José Luis Ábalos assured that they did not know that the King Emeritus was planning his return.

As soon as he left Spain, he warned those closest to him of his intention to return as soon as possible and stressed that his departure was by no means final. And he made it clear that he intends to return when the right circumstances present themselves.

For this reason, he now maintains that he does not want to generate a new problem for Felipe VI, that if he makes his return it would be “in an orderly manner”, and that he will never materialize his wish “without the approval. of La Zarzuela and the executive ”. If these circumstances match, I would make an official statement, according to this information.

Now the Treasury has arrived, which is already analyzing the contents of the letter and will have to respond in the coming days whether it accepts the regularization, whether it asks for clarification or not and what is the amount to be paid.

This voluntary declaration of Juan Carlos I is not linked to his possible assets abroad, but to the use of the aforementioned bank cards provided by the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause, who is the subject of ” an investigation by the Attorney General of the Supreme Court for making money available to don Juan Carlos without declaring it to the Treasury or by donation.

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