Kiran Ahuja American lawyer: Indo-American lawyer Kiran Ahuja at the head of the US Office of Personnel Management

US President Joe Biden has appointed Indian-born lawyer and activist Kiran Ahuja to head the US Bureau of Personnel Management. The Office of Personnel Management oversees the management of more than two million U.S. civil servants. This office is considered very powerful in America. Through this office, the work of recruitment-retirement and transfer-assignment of senior government officials is carried out.

Kamala Harris voted for Senate approval
Kiran Ahuja, 49, is the first woman of Indian origin to hold this post. The vote in the Senate to approve his name had come in an equal position. After which Vice President Kamala Harris gave her victory by voting in favor of Kiran. Harris voted Ahuja on Tuesday after a 50-50 position in the Senate.

America’s Two Million Senior Executives Become “Boss”
The Office of Personnel Management is a US federal agency that manages more than two million public servants in the country. Ahuja had been Chief of Staff to the Director of the Bureau of Personnel Management from 2015 to 2017. He has more than two decades of experience in the civil service and the non-profit sector. Ahuja is currently CEO of Philanthropy Northwest, a regional network of charities.

Kiran Ahuja grew up in Georgia
He began his career as a civil rights lawyer at the US Department of Justice. He grew up in Georgia and received a political science degree from Spelman College and a law degree from the University of Georgia. During the Obama-Biden administration, she was executive director of a White House program for six years. The Washington Post said Ahuja could reverse former President Donald Trump’s policy on public service.

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