Know how much unemployment benefits, minimum living income, unemployment and ERTE will increase in 2021

Know how much unemployment benefits, minimum living income, unemployment and ERTE will increase in 2021

Good news for 2021. The IPREM, a public income indicator with multiple effects, increased by 5% this year, a movement which will be reflected in the amount to be paid by the unemployed. But what improvements does this imply and in what areas? This increase leads to an improvement which will be reflected in the ERTE, in the wage bill of allowances and unemployment benefit, as well as in the economic assistance of the minimum living income.

Thus, next February, the unemployment benefit will be 451.92 euros. So far, the amount was 430 euros.

IPREM: what is it and what is it for

The IPREM indicator is used to mark the amount to be invoiced in unemployment benefits and subsidies and to set the limits. This is a measure that varies each year, and with it, your monthly payroll for your benefit also increases. In other words, the rise in IPREM will directly affect the amount of money you are going to raise, but it is not the only thing that determines the amount of money to go into your account. INEM or Social Security will also ask you for information on your income, family or family responsibilities (number of children).

The IPREM download table is:

Daily IPREM: 18.83 euros. Monthly IPREM: 564.90 euros. Annual IPREM: 6,778.80 euros.

Increase in unemployment subsidy

The INEM unemployment subsidy increases by 21 euros in 2021.

Another benefit, the special unemployment subsidy, is also increasing. This extraordinary financial assistance is intended for people who were unemployed during the first state of alert, which ended on June 30.

The amount of this extraordinary unemployment premium also drops from 430 euros to 451.92 euros. The payment of this benefit only lasts 3 months and then you will have to go to your INEM office with a prior appointment to request the assistance that suits you.

Increase in minimum living income in 2021

The increase in minimum living income in 2021 is linked to the 1.8% increase in non-contributory aid. If social security has already approved your request to collect the minimum living income, this year 2021 you will collect more than in 2020.

Keep in mind that in this situation the maximum you can receive from the minimum living income is 1,033.85 euros per month for four adults and one minor who form accommodation.

Increase in financial aid for student grants

University students will also benefit this 2021 from a larger increase in scholarships. The amount to enter with a scholarship depends on many factors, such as family income, so it is difficult to give an exact monthly income figure. In other words, the government has already announced the expenditure of 514 million euros from public funds exclusively to support and improve the conditions of university students.

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