Know what the new Windows 11 logo would be

Microsoft has already confirmed that on the 24th it will present the “new generation of Windows”. Everything indicates that the name chosen is Windows 11. Along with this big update, everyone expects a rebranding and, more precisely, that the classic Windows “flag” will be replaced by the original form of the Microsoft logo. The question is, what colors are you going to use? What will the new Windows 11 logo look like? We have a theory and we want to share it with all of you.

A continuous bet

The information we have about the new logo is as follows:

It will use the four square shapes identical to the Microsoft logo. It will use “other colors” and not those of Microsoft. These colors are not those of the Windows 10X logo. It will use the new Segoe UI Variable font in semi-bold format.

Based on this data, we believe that the logo could use the characteristic Windows 10 blue or, in any case, a similar blue. Blue has always been a color closely tied to Windows, and those at Redmond might want to continue with Windows 10 branding.

Moreover, the presentation image of the 24th event shows blue tones that could anticipate this rebranding.

We have quite clear the white monochrome version on a blue background (although the blue color may vary). We have a lot more doubts about the color version, which we think so much can be monochromatic and could introduce a combination of blues and even some sort of gradient.

It’s hard to bet on a possible blue combination for the logo, especially knowing that they won’t be exactly the ones used by Windows 10X. Despite this, we have tried to come up with a logo proposal for Windows 11.

Source: Microsofters Source: Microsofters

This logo would perfectly fulfill its mission by being in the continuity of the current one and, at the same time, separating from it with the changes previously highlighted. It’s definitely an option that the Redmonds, to say the least, have taken very seriously.

And you what do you think ? Do you have another proposal that matches our information? Do not hesitate to share it in our comments!

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