Konica Minolta Selected as Excellent Company in COVID-19 Response

Konica Minolta Selected as Excellent Company in COVID-19 Response

The pandemic produced by COVID-19 has radically changed the way people work and live. In addition, factors such as lack of physical contact, decentralization or individualization have emerged as essential values ​​for society itself.

For all this, Konica Minolta has a technology that is used for image detection, which can be used to meet those needs that have been highlighted. With its remote services, which operate in real time and are in great demand, as well as the new technologies it offers, the company secures the working environment for customers and helps them face new social challenges. These efforts were appreciated.

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, Konica Minolta had built an environment conducive to telecommuting, allowing the company to quickly transition to working from home. A recent survey shows that 80% of the company’s employees have maintained or even increased their productivity, while the office attendance rate has remained between 20-30% on average, in the metropolitan area of ​​Tokyo.

Leveraging knowledge from this internal practice, Konica Minolta has developed a service to analyze customer workflows and visualize issues that need to be overcome for customers to bring digital transformation to their businesses, moving to remote working. With this, Konica Minolta aims to support its customers in the fundamental changes regarding the working style. This includes a variety of work style options with no paperwork, no time or space constraints, allowing clients to focus on much more productive activities.

For workplaces requiring physical assistance, Konica Minolta offers a thermal camera that incorporates IoT imaging technology. Together with partner companies, Konica Minolta has developed real-time, non-physical contact surface temperature measurement solutions that can detect people with elevated body temperatures, as well as identify whether people are wearing masks. Through these innovations, Konica Minolta is helping to ensure secure access to offices and other facilities, thereby reducing the risk of the spread of COVID-19, which helps prevent the virus.

For the healthcare market, Konica Minolta has expanded the offering of ultraportable digital x-ray imaging systems and ultrasound diagnostic systems, as well as pulse oximeters. To reduce the burden on nurses caring for COVID-19 patients, the company has also launched a VS1 patient monitoring system, following the recent approval of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Devices Act. The VS1 allows patients’ arterial oxygen saturation readings, which indicate the severity of COVID-19, to be transmitted via a sub-GHz wireless network to the nurse’s area, located outside of the isolated area. The network presents a low risk of interference with other systems. This allows centralized management of data in the area and reduces the risk of coming into contact with sources of infection.

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