KP Oli vs ‘Prachanda’, Nepalese Communist Party tension reaches its peak

In Kathmandu, Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli against Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” again sparked tensions which led to tensions within the ruling Nepalese Communist Party. Oli called a meeting of the party secretariat on Wednesday, which Prachanda also attended. This meeting of the Secretariat remains a subject of dispute between the two leaders. There was still uncertainty until this morning, which was postponed for several days. Prachanda and 4 fellow members of its secretariat, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, Bamdev Gautam and Shrestha wanted to have a secretariat meeting but PM Oli postponed the meeting. The other members of the secretariat are Bishnu Paudayal, Ishwar Pokharel and Ram Bahadur Thapa Oli. In this way, the meeting of the 9-member secretariat was divided into two factions. Ollie fails on many fronts, resigns: The controversy began when Dahal presented his policy document on Friday, alleging that Ollie had failed on multiple fronts. Prachanda demanded that Oli resign to save the party’s unity, constitution and system. Even after this request from Prachanda, Oli did not budge. Oli sent his close friend Paudayal to convince Prachanda to postpone the secretariat meeting and resume the political document. On the other hand, after talking to Paudayal, Prachanda refused to obey Oli. In all this controversy, the President of Nepal, Vidyadevi Bhandari, also intervened and advised Prachanda to end the conflict and help preserve the unity of the party. A relative of Prachanda said that in response, Prachanda told the president that he should pass this message on to PM Oli instead of him who is causing the whole problem. Prior to this meeting, President Bhandari and Oli met on Thursday morning. However, what has been discussed in this document has not been revealed.

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