Kp Sharma Oli Envoy from China: Conflict in Nepal Communist Party at its height, Chinese Ambassador in action to save the Oli government

The unrest in the Chinese camp has once again intensified in view of the growing rift within the Communist Party of Nepal. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yankee met with Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. He met PM Oli for about two hours on Tuesday. The meeting has been confirmed by official sources. Significantly, when Chinese Ambassador Yankee intervened in the political crisis in Nepal, great controversy erupted.

Yankee discussed the NCP, the government
An official confirmed on condition of anonymity that the Chinese ambassador met Prime Minister Oli late that evening and chatted for about two hours. According to another source, Yankee and Oli discussed the process of unifying the ruling party and resolving existing differences within the party. A source said the two discussed saving the party from collapse and forming a government. Yankee insisted on a compromise to end the conflict.

Dahal again calls for Oli’s resignation
Discontent within the ruling Communist Party of Nepal increased when Oli offered to postpone the meeting to Co-Chair Pushp Kamal Dahal to the secretariat, while Dahal refused to accept it. This meeting took place but no decision could be taken. There will now be a meeting on November 28. Earlier in the meeting, Dahal had submitted a document describing Oli’s activities as “unforgivable” and demanded his resignation. He also disqualified Oli for the PM position.

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