kp sharma oli nepal coronavirus india: KP Sharma Oli says India has not helped Nepal as much as it should have in the coronavirus crisis

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KP Sharma Oli said India did not help as much as it should have in Corona, Oli said this may have been due to the court ruling or lack of vaccine, he said Coronavirus prevention in India is then useless in Kathmandu unless it is controlled in Nepal
Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said India has not helped Nepal as much as it should as a neighboring country to deal with the Corona crisis. Oli said that maybe because of the court ruling or the lack of vaccine or because of the epidemic spreading in India, our neighboring country could not help as much. He said preventing the crown in India only makes sense if it is controlled in Nepal.

KP Sharma Oli said in a conversation with the BBC: “India’s aid to Nepal is in its own interest. Even if we seal the border, people cannot be stopped from coming and going. Relations between Nepal and India are different from other countries. We have our limits. One people’s house is in Nepal and the other is in India. India should give its full assistance to Nepal given our friendly relations. India gives us oxygen and medicine. India first provided us with the corona vaccine. We thank India.

“We must look to the future”
Comparing the aid from India and China, the Prime Minister of Nepal said that with India, China is also giving us the vaccine and that we should not be playing politics about it. Both countries are helping us. Thank you both. Regarding relations with India, Oli said that there are neighboring countries, so the problems continue to arise. There was a problem once, but not anymore. He said that where there is neighborhood there is sometimes love and sometimes there is a problem. We have to move forward looking to the future. We have to move forward with positive things.

Let us tell you that in this hour of crisis, friendly India has once again stepped forward to help Nepal, which is battling the ravages of the second wave of the Corona virus. Despite help from China, all of Nepal’s oxygen needs are met by India. From India, two liquid oxygen tankers with a capacity of 15 tonnes continuously supply Nepal. Soon, India will add three more tankers.

Nepal gets liquid oxygen from India
India meets Nepal’s 100% liquid oxygen requirement. Rajan Bhattarai, foreign affairs adviser to Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, also confirmed this. He said, “Nepal receives liquid oxygen from India and India is the only country that provides it to us. The demand for oxygen has increased dramatically in Nepal and the Nepalese government is doing its best to meet this demand.

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