kp sharma oli Nepal: Nepal: Parliament dissolved at the request of PM KP Sharma Oli, Pushpkamal Dahal “ Prachanda ” camp decides to take disciplinary action – Pushpkamal dahal faction of Nepalese Communist Party decides to take disciplinary action against PM kp sharma oli for dissolution of parliament

On the recommendation of Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, President Bidya Devi Bhandari dissolved the country’s parliament and announced the date of the midterm elections. The decision was called “unconstitutional and dictatorial” by two opponents of Oli the Nepalese Communist Party (NCP) and the opposition Nepalese Congress (NC). Even seven cabinet ministers resigned in protest.

Decision to bring an action against Oli
Nepalese Communist Party spokesman Narayankaji Shrestha described Oli’s decision as undemocratic, unconstitutional and dictatorial. Disciplinary action against Oli was recommended at the meeting of the party’s Standing Committee. For this, a proposal will be made at the meeting of the Central Committee on Monday. At the same time, Dahl’s press adviser Bishnu Sapkota said: “The leaders have spoken of the unrest caused by Prime Minister Oli’s decision.”

Nepal to hold midterm elections in April-May, president announces after parliament dissolves

Opposition landed in protest, Oli told ‘dictator’
The Nepalese Congress said that Oli’s advice to dissolve parliament is against the spirit and provisions of the constitution and that the party will strongly oppose this decision. Party spokesman Bishwash Prakash Sharma said: “We see this as Oli’s latest attempt to become a dictator.” The party says it is a bad move to push the country towards instability amid the corona virus outbreak caused by the party’s internal struggles.

The Ollie vs. Free Effect?
PM Oli had a dispute with Communist Party Chairman Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda over several issues. The two leaders have also reached an agreement once before at the initiative of the party. However, later the fight started again over the sharing of the cabinet. Ollie reshuffled his cabinet in October without Prachanda’s consent.

Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli recommended dissolving Parliament

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