KP Sharma Oli: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on relations with India and China Latest news: Nepalese Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli briefed on relations with India and China

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Nepal Won’t Be Trapped In China Debt Trap Oli Said Davoli – India Gave Kovid Vaccine Friendship, Thank You, Nepalese Prime Minister Said We Failed to convince the court in matters of dissolution of Parliament
Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Nepal, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said there should be no doubts or confusion about friendly relations with India. He also praised the Modi government for the 10 lakh doses of corona virus given for free from India to Nepal. Ollie said we have a good relationship with our two neighbors. He also said that we don’t have to worry about China’s investments because Nepal is not in a position to get caught in the debt trap.

The decision will be made in accordance with the constitution
In an interview with CNN News18, Prime Minister Oli said that while exposing the current political situation in Nepal, he said that I recommended to dissolve the parliament of Nepal and hold new elections given the situation. . The Supreme Court issued a separate verdict and restored the House of Representatives. With the resumption of Parliament, this situation is back. Due to the court ruling, the main political party (Communist Party of Nepal) split into two. Now the situation is somewhat different and complex. There are problems within the party, but we still have a democratic system and in the constitution we will decide how to proceed.

Admitted, failed to convince the Supreme Court
Asked about the Supreme Court’s decision to reestablish Parliament, he said the Supreme Court made a different decision rather than accept my recommendation to dissolve the House of Representatives. I have to admit that my own people failed to convince the court. It all happened under the judiciary and the constitution, so I can’t say much. The House of Representatives will now decide on the basis of internal political forces.

We have very good relations with China and India
Responding to a question about China’s growing investments in Nepal and India’s concerns, Oli said there should be no doubt or confusion about the friendly relations between India and Nepal. If we are talking about China, we have very good relations with our two neighbors. The two neighbors are also close to us. Regarding the investments of China, India and China have invested in Nepal. We welcome investments from neighboring countries as well as other countries.

India praised for Kovid vaccine
Oli thanked PM Modi and the Indian government for the free corona virus vaccine administered by India. He said I don’t think the vaccine sent from India is a matter of diplomacy. India donated 1 lakh of vaccine supplements for us as a friendly neighbor. We also received the second batch of vaccine from India. It’s a matter of friendship. It is a great support for us. We thank the Indian government and the Indian people. The friendly relations that have emerged during the fight against Corona are encouraging and exemplary for others on how the two neighbors can work together against the epidemic.

Nepal will not be trapped in debt
Oli dismissed concerns about China’s investment in Nepal and said, “I don’t think our country could become unstable because of this.” We want external investments in the form of grants or loans. We don’t have enough resources, so we have to work with partners for our international development. Chinese investments are not in a dangerous state. We want to invite other countries to invest and donate to improve employment opportunities and increase production. There is no such thing as Nepal going into debt.

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