KP Sharma Oli: Opposition rages at pro-monarchy rallies in Nepal, said – Oli government lends silent support – Kp Sharma Oli government lends silent support to pro-monarch rallies in Nepal, says the Nepalese Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba

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Nepalese opposition party Congress shoots at pro-monarchy rallies in Nepal, Babulaparty chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba accused of supporting Oli government says Rajshahi Kathmandu will not be reinstated in Nepal
The main opposition party, the Nepalese Congress, has targeted Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli for pro-monarchy rallies in Nepal. The Nepalese Congress alleged that the Oli government approved of recent rallies organized in support of the monarchy. Recently, rallies have taken place in many parts of the country to support the monarchy demanding that the constitutional monarchy be restored and that Nepal be declared a Hindu nation again.

Former prime minister said: Oli stands behind the protesters
The head of the Nepalese Congress and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba made the allegation while addressing an anti-government demonstration held in Hetauda, ​​in central Nepal. He said it looks like Prime Minister Oli is standing behind those who play. How else can they come to the streets right now?

Statement of opposition – The monarchy will not be restored
Deuba has denied for the moment any possibility of restoring the monarchy. He said no one should be confused about restoring the monarchy in the country. Recently, Deuba’s target has been the protests organized in different parts of the country by former loyalists of King Gyanendra.

Are people disappointed with Prime Minister Oli in Nepal? Demand to bring back the king who goes up
Nepal became a secular state in 2008
Nepal became a secular nation in 2008. Previously, there was a mass movement in 2006 and the monarchy was abolished. Then, the Constituent Assembly, made up of all parties, was tasked with forming a new constitution for the country. Nepalese political parties took seven years to draft the constitution.

The demand for monarchy in Nepal is just a disappointment or a change?
Demonstrations in many cities of Nepal to support the monarchy
Similar rallies were held in Hetuda, Butwal, Dhangarhi, Nepanagar, Mahendranagar, Bardia, Birjganj, Janakpur, Nawapur, Pokhara, Rauthat and Biratnagar by pro-Rajshahi and pro-Hindutva protesters before holding a huge rally in Kathmandu. Organizations such as Rashtriya Shakti Nepal, Goraksha Nepal, Bishwa Hindu Mahasangh, Rashtriya Sarokar Manch, Shiv Sena Nepal, Bir Gorkhali and Motherland Samarsata Nepal have been at the forefront of these gatherings.

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