KP Sharma Oli threatened with murder: KP Sharma Oli threatened with murder by Nepalese Congressman Narottam Baidhya

Amid the ongoing political turmoil in Nepal, a provincial lawmaker from the opposition Nepalese Congress has threatened to kill Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. The leader of the Nepalese Congress Narottam Baidya, who made the threat, is an MP from Bagmati province. He criticized the recent expansion of Prime Minister Oli’s cabinet, calling it unconstitutional. Meanwhile, Netaji’s anger grew so much that he threatened to kill Prime Minister Oli himself.

MP mentioned Nathuram Godse
Baidya raised his hand in the air and said that Oli was proceeding in such a way that he compromised all aspects of governance to stay in power and save his chair. If we leave Oli, the country will fall. Referring to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin, Nathuram Godse, he called for saving the country. He said if no one is ready then I will.

Oli’s party reacted strongly
Political unrest in Nepal escalated after the MLA threat. The MP’s statement was also criticized by his own party, the Nepalese Congress. Apart from that, the party of Oli CPN (UML) called for action against the MLA. Nepalese Congress spokesman Bishoprakash Sharma asked Narottam Baidya to withdraw his statement on Friday evening.

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Nepalese Congress ignores statement
He said no one should lose their conscience, whether on the road or in Parliament. After losing one’s temper, any statements made should be withdrawn and introspecting on the same. The party will make no effort to cover up such statements.

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Oli expanded his cabinet for the second time as interim prime minister
KP Sharma Oli expanded its cabinet for the second time in a week on Thursday amid the ongoing political crisis in the country and widespread criticism. Oli heads a minority government after failing to secure a confidence vote in the House last month. During this period, he included 7 ministers and a minister of state in his cabinet.

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The expansion of the cabinet was also made on June 4.
On Friday June 4, Oli, 69, expanded his cabinet to include eight ministers and two new ministers of state in a bid to consolidate his grip on power and strengthen ties with India. In this, preference was given to the Janta Samajwadi party based on Madhesis. Oli had appointed three deputy prime ministers as part of the reshuffle, two of whom are from the Madhesi community.

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