Kp Sharma Oli Yoga Nepal: The Origin of Yoga in Nepal says KP Oli: KP Sharma Oli says yoga originated in Nepal

Neighboring country guardian Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli who said the real Ayodhya in Nepal has now claimed that yoga originated in Nepal. He even said that there was no India when yoga started. Oli made the statement when addressing an International Yoga Day program at his residence. Earlier, Oli had claimed to be near the real Birganj, calling it the false Ayodhya of India.

Oli said yoga started in Nepal, not India. India did not exist when yoga started. It was divided into several pieces. Oli also claimed that Indian experts were hiding facts in this regard. At the same time, Oli has faced allegations in his country that he is trying to hide his government’s failure by engaging in a dispute with India.

Oli has started the raga of “real Ayodhya” again, said – construction of Ram temple has started in Nepal
Ayodhya was said to be wrong
Earlier in July 2020, Oli claimed that the Ayodhya of India was false and that of Nepal, near Birgunj, was the real Ayodhya. Without any historical evidence, Oli claimed that we had not given Sita to the prince of Ayodhya located in India, but to the prince of Ayodhya in Nepal. Ayodhya is a village located a little west of Birganj. Ayodhya made in India is not real.

Oli then argued that if the Ayodhya of India is real, then how can the prince from there come to Janakpur to get married. He claimed that science and knowledge were born and developed in Nepal. He claimed that the historical facts have been distorted.

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