kulbhushan jadhav pakistan: indian lawyer for kulbhushan jadhav pakistan: pakistan asked indian lawyer for kulbhushan jadhav

Pakistan on Friday asked India to re-appoint a lawyer to show favor to Kulbhushan Jadhav, who faces the death penalty, in order to comply with the international court’s order. The Islamabad High Court (IHC), as it heard the case on Thursday, asked the Foreign Office to approach India to appoint a lawyer and dispel India’s misconceptions about the jurisdiction of the matter to be heard by this tribunal.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaheed Hafeez Chaudhary said in his weekly media address: “We once again called on India to cooperate with the Pakistani court by appointing a lawyer in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case so that the order of the international court in the case is fully respected.. “To be made effective from.

Jadhav, 50, a retired Indian naval officer, was sentenced to death in April 2017 by a Pakistani military court convicted of espionage and terrorism. India subsequently proposed an international court and challenged Pakistan’s denial of diplomatic access and the death penalty.

The Hague-based international court ruled in July 2019 that Pakistan should “effectively review and re-examine” Jadhav’s judgment and sentence, as well as give India diplomatic access without delay. The International Court said in its ruling that Pakistan should provide Jadhav with the appropriate forum to appeal the military tribunal’s ruling.

Asked about the behind-the-scenes contact with India, Chaudhary said, “There are ways for a country to communicate with other countries that are available even during war.” He said Pakistan has never given up on talks with India and has always stressed that all outstanding disputes, including the main issue of Jammu and Kashmir, require “meaningful dialogue” and peaceful resolution. .

He said: “We believe in lasting peace, security and development in the region which is stranded due to the peaceful resolution of the long dispute over Jammu and Kashmir.”

Asked about the role of the UAE in the peace effort between India and Pakistan, he said Pakistan has always said that the international community can play an important role for stability and peace in the region and the United Nations Security Council resolution. wishes of K and Kashmiris, Jammu and Kashmir can cooperate in the permanent resolution of the dispute.

He said it was up to India to create an atmosphere for constructive dialogue so that peace could be fostered.

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