kya hoti hai toolkit: kya hoti hai toolkit jise greata thunberg ne kisan andoland by share kiya: what is the toolbox shared by greta thanberg on the peasant movement

Actor Greta Thunberg, famous for her sharp comments on climate change and protecting the environment, tweeted. He shared a “toolbox” to support the ongoing peasant movement in India, over which great controversy has now arisen. In fact, Greta then deleted it and, through her screenshots on social media, it was claimed that the plot to defame India had been exposed. Delhi Police have registered an FIR against the people who produced this document. Greta later shared the updated “ toolbox ”, but it’s important to know if this is a “ toolbox ” after all …

What is a toolbox?

A toolbox is a document. It contains detailed suggestions for reporting a problem and taking action. Normally, volunteers participating in a major campaign or movement are given instructions there. Its purpose is to show the class or target audience the direction to follow when working in the field. Those who want to know about or become part of a problem are given a toolkit. This allows actions related to an online or offline campaign to be taken simultaneously and in the same direction.

Voice call

The toolkit Greta shared urged people around the world to join the protests and support farmers. He asked people to post #FarmersProtest or #StandWithFarmers by sharing photos or videos on social media. In this, after gathering information from the population, the government was invited to share the video questioning agricultural laws. He suggested that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, as well as the Chief Minister of States, also be invited to mark the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the Organization Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank.

Call to earth

Apart from that, Greta also called on Indians to participate in peasant marches or parades. Calling on people living outside India to demonstrate in front of Indian embassies, government offices and media. He called on the population to question their local representatives and ask them to perform their duties. He said people should ask the government to end the violence. The United Nations,, is also expected to receive a petition and seek help from parliamentarians. It is important to know that the “toolbox” is not an illegal document and that no complaints have been filed for its sharing. The complaint was filed on the document shared in the old tweet, which the builders were accused of conspiring against India.

Are you trying to harm India?

Greta shared a toolkit whose cover title was: “Will You Be Part of the Greatest Protest in Human History?” Greta then deleted the post and shared the updated link, but before that her screenshots started going viral on social media. Sources within the Indian government claimed that this toolkit was created by an institution called “Peace for Justice” to harm India’s interests. The co-founders of the association include Mo Dhaliwal, a self-proclaimed Khalistan supporter, who lives in Vancouver, Canada. The PowerPoint presentation included India’s “destruction of the yoga and tea image”, the second “unification of the global disruption among migrants on January 26” and the “withdrawal of agricultural laws”.

Greta Thunberg retweeted and posted a ‘toolkit’ for farmer protests

Greta Thunberg retweeted and posted a ‘toolkit’ for farmer protests

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