Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan news: Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Tension Latest updates on border shootings: several people died in gunfire after border dispute in Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan

In Central Asian Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, at least three people died in gunfire over water. It is said that the security forces also joined in the stone throwing started between the citizens of the two countries. After that, the security forces of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan opened fire on each other. At the same time, many people were reportedly injured by skinning stones. The skirmish took place on the border between Tajikistan’s Sugg province and the southern province of Batken in Kyrgyzstan.

The controversy began over the water
The border dispute between the two countries is quite old. After the separation of the Soviet Union, there are many areas between these two countries where there is no permanent demarcation. Both countries claim these areas, due to which many clashes have taken place in the past. The dispute this time was so serious that the two countries even deployed additional troops.

A string of accusations and counterattacks continues
The two countries claim a reservoir and a pumping station located on the Isfaara river. Residents on both sides threw stones at each other before the clashes escalated. After that, the security forces opened fire. The Kyrgyzstan National Security Committee accused Tajikistan of stealing water from this reservoir. At the same time, Tajikistan declared that this facility belonged to them and they accused the Kyrgyz army of firing.

The two countries active on the ceasefire
The foreign ministries of the two countries are constantly in talks amid growing tension at the border. Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan issued a statement saying they had withdrawn additional troops from the border after mutual talks. However, a Kyrgyz government source said they feared losing the area permanently by withdrawing.

Border villages have been evacuated
The Tajikistan army is said to have mortar fired at the Kyrgyz border outpost following a dispute over a pond. After that Kyrgyzstan retaliated and captured a Tajikistan border post. Seeing the intensification of tensions, the two countries evacuated numerous villages around the border.

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