La Moncloa defends that the debate on meat is inappropriate and Consumption assures that it will not imply a crisis within the government

The coalition government has once again found a center of debate among its ministers. This time, it came from the hand of the Minister of Consumer Affairs and his campaign to reduce meat consumption “for health and the planet”.

The president has already clarified his position this Thursday by assuring that for him, “a steak is unbeatable” during a press conference, and today from the Moncloa, they stress that with this answer, it is about specify that they do not go. to enter into this debate because it is “inopportune and inopportune”.

They recognize that reducing meat consumption is on the agenda of the 2050 goal, but they defend that it is a “debate for the future” and question that the ministry for the ‘Agriculture was not taken into account before designing and launching this campaign from Consumption.

The Ministry of Agriculture believes the livestock sector has been targeted

Specifically, from the portfolio headed by Luis Planas, they were satisfied with the response of the chief executive and ensure that they will no longer fuel the controversy. What they regret, they say, is that the livestock sector, which has so much weight in our country’s economy, has been triggered.

Those who were surprised by Pedro Sánchez’s response were the heads of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Sources say they did not expect it, but specify that they will not discuss anything with the Prime Minister. Although they stressed that when there is a controversy with socialist ministers, it “does not intervene in any way, and less publicly”.

Despite the controversy generated, in Alberto Garzón’s portfolio, they say that this is a one-off campaign and they show their satisfaction because, in their opinion, they have succeeded in making people aware of this problem. They also made it clear that there will be no crisis within the coalition executive regarding this issue.

The Minister of Consumer Affairs has not found support in Health either. And the fact is that Carolina Darias said that the good thing is “to have a healthy and balanced diet that provides the nutrients that our body needs”. He considers that the diet “must be balanced and complete, with the contribution of proteins, minerals …”.

The portfolio led by Garzón believes that this controversy has succeeded in raising awareness

Reyes Maroto, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, was also firm against this campaign launched by Garzón and recalled that she had already positioned herself against the one she had launched, assuring that ” sugar kills “.

“Campaigns should always be run in a positive way. We have the best food in the world, it’s one of the most popular products, and everything in moderation is healthy,” he said in statements to ‘ RNE ‘. He also insisted on the fact that “everyone has a responsibility within government and anything that is done can influence others”.

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