La Sirena strengthens its collaboration with the food bank


La Sirena strengthens its collaboration with the food bank

BY RRHHDigital, 14:45 – 16 January 2021

La Sirena, Spain’s leading frozen food chain, made an additional contribution of € 25,000 to the food bank at its headquarters in Barcelona. This value contribution is available for the recipient entity to decide for itself what type of food it needs most at that time. These products will be supplied by La Sirena in the coming weeks at the request of the organization.

With this action, La Sirena strengthens, in times as complicated as these, its collaboration which, throughout 2020, represented a total of 223,000 euros of product value delivered to organizations covering the regions of Madrid and Catalonia.

La Sirena wishes to publicly recognize entities such as Banc dels Aliments de Barcelona and the entire local network of entities, for their invaluable work in supporting thousands of households across Spain. Entities that have seen how the requests for help from families at their distribution centers have increased and who need the maximum support and help from brands to continue their great task.

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