La Soufrière volcano update: La Soufrière Video: Caribbean island covered in ash from La Soufrière volcano, devastation everywhere – watch ashes from St Vincent La Soufrière volcano covering largest Caribbean island Video goes viral

The loud sound of the eruption was heard for the third consecutive day at the La Soufrière volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of Saint-Vincent. Many homes were damaged due to ash from the volcano, and many people in the area left their homes and moved to a safe place. Locals reported lightning on several occasions in the morning, although authorities restored power in several places in the afternoon.

Following the La Soufrière volcano lava eruption incident, scores of people left their homes on Friday and the remaining people fled to a safe place on Sunday. The sound of the roar of the volcano was also heard in the capital city of Kingstown, about 20 miles to the south. Richard Robertson, chief scientist at the Seismic Research Center at the University of the West Indies, said the volcano eruption could continue for some time.

The current event is larger than the 1979 volcanic eruption
Robertson said: ‘After a while it will subside. Hope we have time to improve things a bit. However, if the volcano erupts again, it won’t be surprising. Alford Lewis (56), a farmer leaving his home Sunday morning, said the current incident is even bigger than the 1979 volcanic eruption. Lewis said: “It’s more serious.”

In 1902, around 1,600 people died due to the lava eruption up to 1,220 meters from the volcano. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, made up of 32 islands, Prime Minister Ralph Gonzalvis called on the population to keep the peace and protect themselves from the corona virus. He said authorities were adopting a better way to remove ash from the volcano.

Four empty ships were ready to transport people
About 3,200 people took refuge in 78 government camps and four evacuated ships were kept ready to transport people from neighboring islands. More than 130 people have already been transported to Saint Lucia. Those who remain in the camp have been investigated for Kovid-19 and if confirmed in the investigation, they are sent separately. Neighboring countries, including Antigua and Grenada, have also offered asylum to the population.

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