Labor compensation, protagonist of “ La Voz de los RRHH ”

The area of ​​compensation and benefits has grown in importance for years. Gone are the days when pay, and only pay, was the reason for taking, leaving or staying in a job. But benefit plans have arrived and have completely changed the way companies attract and retain talent. As we said, for some time now, social benefits and flexible remuneration have become a differential element in the fight for talent, in decisive aspects for workers when choosing a particular company, to the detriment of the salary which, despite its vitality, has lost its importance.

And with the onset of the pandemic, the economic problems of workers and businesses and the impossibility of increasing monetary compensation in the wage bill, companies are now forced to continue optimizing their compensation strategies, with the intention of to keep their employees, not just in its workforce. , but also happy and, therefore, more productive and profitable for the company.

For all of this this week in “La Voz de los RRHH” we are talking about workers’ compensation, benefit plans, flexible compensation and employee recognition. And we do this as part of the “I Worker’s Compensation Awards,” a pioneering competition aimed at highlighting and evaluating the best compensation and benefits strategies for employee recognition.

Precisely, the protagonists of this podcast are personalities very involved in these awards and genuine experts in the field of people management and in the field of compensation and benefits. In this edition of “La Voz de los RRHH”, we heard from Jaime Sol, Managing Partner of People Advisory Services at EY and from Mara Urgorri, Flex Manager at Edenred Espaa. The two companies, with CompensaCH and Payflow, are the sponsors of these “I Worker’s Compensation Awards”. In addition, we also have Mnica Garca Ingelmo, responsible for social benefits, human resources administration and occupational health of Orange Spain, and she is also a member of the competition jury.

Together with all of them, we review the current state of workers’ compensation, its evolution, the latest trends and the main keys. What are the fundamental aspects that should not be missing in any compensation strategy? We discovered it in “La Voz de los RRHH”!

These “ I Labor Compensation Awards ” are organized byRRHHDigital, with the support of the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors, and have Compensa, Edenred, EY and Payflow as sponsors of the competition which closed the deadline for delivery of its project on February 28 with around twenty works. has received.

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