Labor lawyers, nurses and logistics managers will be the most sought after profiles in 2021

Labor lawyers, nurses and logistics managers will be the most sought after profiles in 2021

The past year 2020 has been an unprecedented year for today’s society. And of the many aspects that have been affected, the job market has been one of the most affected by the global pandemic. Telecommuting as a habit (in many cases, as a first experience); the use of technology as a regular and almost sole medium for meetings, education, training and form of contact between teams; all the employment regulation issues, the need to adapt workspaces to the new reality … are just a few of the changes that 2020 has left behind.

But on the hiring side, many sectors and profiles have also been affected by the crisis derived from COVID-19. It was necessary to go through a process of upgrading and re-qualifying several times against the clock and prioritizing certain skills and competences over others, such as resilience, adaptation to change and also digital skills compared to others that are lower priority in the new environment.

And in many sectors, in addition, the most requested profiles have been transformed according to what the new scenario demanded: this year e-commerce was a star sector, and many others saw their hiring increase in fields such as those related to cybersecurity, IT, but also in the field of health and pharmacy.

Many of these profiles will remain fundamental in this 2021 which has just started. This is why Spring Professional, the consulting firm for the selection of middle, middle and executive managers of the Adecco group, presents its employment forecasts on what will be the most demanded and sought after profiles in the Spanish labor market. in 2021, in its XVI Le + Wanted report.

Profiles which can be very different in terms of their training and their specificities but which all share a common denominator: to be strategic and to be adapted – or to be able to do it quickly – to the uncertainty that 2021 still implies in many aspects of work.

In addition, it is increasingly important that these new professionals have a multidisciplinary profile, with great versatility, analytical skills and results orientation, as well as a strategic vision, proactivity and adaptation to change. ; Needs more present than ever in companies due to the changing environment in which they operate – and which 2020 has put forward more than ever before – and the digital transformation process in which most companies are immersed, practically in all sectors and at all levels of the chain, and this in many cases has had to accelerate at a forced pace in recent months.

Professionals for whom the combination of certain soft skills such as communication skills, adaptation to change, problem solving and agility in decision making or high empathy skills, combined with technological skills, will be protagonists of the labor market throughout this year.

On the business side, the challenge this year will be, still uncertain, “to continue to adapt to what the health and professional situation requires, in terms of protocols and safety and prevention measures, to new possible scenarios and to new development. technologies as the cornerstone of many companies ”, emphasizes Juan Francisco Rodrguez, Commercial Director of Spring Professional. “And all this without forgetting that the technological transformation is continuing and that in this changing environment, cybersecurity remains more necessary than ever and will be, throughout 2021, the lever of the new digital working environment in the adaptation processes of companies. to the new way of working. work remotely, ”adds Rodrguez.

To a lesser extent, but no less important, for companies, “the emphasis should be placed, in this environment, on attracting and retaining the best talent and on the proper integration and coexistence of new technologies (and not so new) – such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Data Analytics – with a motivated human team that demands more and more flexibility, new challenges and new ways of organizing their tasks and even their workspace. And that, in recent months, and predictably in the first 2021, he needs additional motivation, the need to strengthen his belonging to a company or a group and more links with his work environment, in particular in cases where teleworking is a common constant and it may be more difficult to maintain team cohesion and motivation, ”concludes Rodrguez, the director of Spring.

Thus, Spanish companies are already betting, and will do so throughout the current year, on the selection of figures such as those found in Los + Buscados from Spring Professional 2021.

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