Labora opens registration for 500 free courses for the unemployed

Labora opens registration for 500 free courses for the unemployed

Labora, the Valencian Service of Employment and Training, has opened registration on its website, check here for around 500 free training courses for the unemployed.

Unemployed people registered with Labora can now apply for a place in the training offer that interests them the most in order to improve their course. To do this, they will need to access Punt Labora through the Training section. It is also accessible via the GVA Punt Labora application.

To easily follow these steps, Labora has made the tutorial “How to register for a Labora course” available to the general public (see here). However, Labora’s guidance staff take care of people who have doubts both about formalizing the registration and about what content is best suited to their professional profile. The request for personalized advice can be handled easily via the Web, by selecting the option “Training courses” (see here).

Course templates

Among the courses, those intended for public service work, such as administrative activities in customer service or those aimed at hairdressing training, bar and cafeteria service, plumbing operations or computer security, language courses at different levels of knowledge, stand out. improvement, like English or French.

Likewise, courses are offered to people with an entrepreneurial intention, such as the creation and management of micro-enterprises, and training for other specialized sectors, such as health, with social care and health care for dependent people in social institutions; and other advanced courses, such as Advanced Excel and graphic product design, among many other training content.

Unemployed people can also find courses in welding, one of the most promising occupations of recent years, or to stimulate leisure time activities.

Tailor-made training for each territory

Vocational training is adapted to the needs of each territory and, each year, training needs are detected in order to offer training that is useful to the unemployed and adapted to the reality of the Valencian labor market.

In total, the Sustainable Economy Department, through Labora, is allocating around 44 million euros to the training plan this year, with which around 800 training courses will be offered and will benefit 14,000 people.

The training will be provided both in Labora’s own centers, called Labora Formaci, and in collaborating centers. Most of the training actions offered allow students to obtain an official certificate of professionalism which accredits their training for the exercise of their profession. This type of certificate is particularly useful for unemployed people who have no formal education.

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