Ladakh disengagement: China refuses to move away from hot springs and Gogra, says – be happy what India got – China refuses to leave Gogra Depsang plains of Ladakh hot springs in a interview with India

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It has been almost a year since the standoff in eastern Ladakh between China and India. The two countries have held 11 rounds of negotiations, but no disputes have been resolved. The Chinese dragon has repelled its forces from Hot Spring and Gogra. Refuse
It has been almost a year since the ongoing military standoff between China and India in eastern Ladakh, but controversy persists. So far, 11 rounds of negotiations have taken place between the two countries, but there is no solution to this dispute. Meanwhile, in a recent conversation, the Chinese dragon refused to push back his army from the Haat Spring and Gogra areas of Ladakh. Not only that, China also told India that what India got (Pangong area retreat) she should be happy about.

According to the Indian Express report, during the latest corps commander-level talks on April 9, China refused to withdraw its troops from Hot Spring, Depsang Maidan and Gogra Post. Earlier in February, Indian and Chinese forces withdrew to Pangong Lake and the Kailash Range and agreed to negotiate other disputed sites.

Chinese soldiers continue to prevent Indian soldiers from patrolling
China previously agreed to withdraw from Patrol Points 15, PP-17A and Gogra Post in Hot Spring, but then refused to back down, according to prominent Indian sources. China said India should be happy with what it has achieved. He said the platoon-level army was deployed by the Chinese military to Petrolings Point 15 and PP-17A, which was previously the company level. The Indian Army Platoon consists of 30 to 32 people. At the same time, there are 100-120 people in an army company.

The source said there was no need for a road to get to this area. They arrive very soon and at this time they have penetrated deep into Indian territory. He also said that in the past two to three years India has never reached the 8 finger of Lake Pangong. He said the Indian military had not been able to reach its traditional patrol area in Depsang since 2013. Chinese soldiers constantly prevent Indian soldiers from patrolling.

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