Lag Baomer stampede: At least 44 killed and many more seriously injured in Israel’s Lag Baomer event at Mount Meron

Tel Aviv
44 Jews died in a stampede during the Laag B’Omar festival in Mount Meron, Israel. Police said more than 103 people were injured in the crash, many of whom are in critical condition. The Israeli rescue service, Magnan David Edom (MDA), has expressed fears that the death toll is rising. Laag B’Omar is the great religious holiday of the Orthodox Jews of Israel, celebrated on the 18th day of the Hebrew month of Ayr (Iyar).

44 deaths to date, figure could increase
Israeli media Jerusalem Post has so far confirmed the deaths of 44 people. After this incident, the police cordoned off the entire area and took those gathered there. The MDA said the condition of 38 injured people is very critical, many of whom still lie at the site of the rush. Relief and rescue agencies and the police are working to get the injured to hospital as quickly as possible.

This event did not take place last year
This religious event was not caused by the corona virus infection last year. This time, the approval of the organization of this religious holiday was approved after the vaccination. After that a large number of Jews gathered to join the pilgrimage. The event was held in a stadium, which had gathered millions of people.

Stampede caused by the fall of part of the stadium
Police said the stampede began with the fall of a plaza where people could sit in the stadium. As soon as part of the stadium collapsed, people started running for their lives. After that, a scrambling situation occurred throughout the stadium. Large numbers of the elderly and children are among the dead and injured. Israeli media published a photo of corpses covered in plastic bags on the ground.

Army deployed, Netanyahu expressed sorrow
The emergency services deployed six helicopters to evacuate the injured. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for the recovery of all injured, calling it a “massive disaster”. He wrote that we pray for the safety of all victims. The IDF said its medical teams and soldiers were on a mission to rescue the wounded at Mount Meron.

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