Lahore hospitals lack oxygen: Corona virus ravages Pakistan, many hospitals have phased out oxygen – Lahore hospitals in Pakistan lack oxygen amid rising coronavirus cases

Like India, the corona virus has also intensified in Pakistan. The condition is that the oxygen has ended in many hospitals in the city of Lahore. Corona virus patients admitted to various government hospitals in Lahore need oxygen while 250 patients are currently on ventilators. The chief of the Mayo Hospital warned that if the supply did not improve as soon as possible, the situation would become very bad.

Asad Alam, the hospital doctor said: “The situation is bad and the hospitals are using the existing oxygen, but if the oxygen supply is not made as soon as possible then the situation will be very bad. ” In most hospitals in Lahore, the supply of oxygen is almost complete. The reason is that the fundamentalist organization Tehreek-e-Labbak is protesting in Pakistan, causing traffic jams in many parts of the country.
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The number of corona boxes in the world is 13.64 crore
Meanwhile, the total number of corona virus cases across the world has risen to 13.64 crore, while more than 29.4 lakh people have lost their lives due to the disease. Johns Hopkins University gave this information. The University Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) revealed in its latest update Tuesday morning that the current global case and death figures are 136,493,176 and 2,944,366 respectively.

According to the CSSE, America remains the worst affected country with the highest number of 31,267,311 cases and 562,521 deaths worldwide. At the same time, India is in second place with 13,527,717 cases. The other countries with more than 2 million cases, according to CSSE data, are Brazil (13,517,808), France (5,128,140), Russia (4,597,400), Great Britain (4,388. 296), Turkey (3,903,573), Italy (3,779,594), Spain (3,370,256), Germany (3,024,604), Poland (2,586,647), Colombia (2,552,937), Argentina (2,551,999), Mexico (2,281,840) and Iran (2,093,452). Brazil is the second largest Corona death.

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