lahore university proposal video: video: girl proposes boyfriend in lahore university pakistan creates controversy – female student proposed to boyfriend at lahore university pakistan campus watches viral video

There was a ruckus on the Lahore University campus in Pakistan over a girl openly proposing her boyfriend. After video of this whole incident went viral, there was a storm on Twitter. We see in this video that the girl bowed down on her knees and gave a bouquet of pink flowers to her boyfriend and expressed her love. After that, the boy hugged the girl. The administration of the University of Lahore, furious at the incident, fired the two students.

We see in the video that after proposing the girl’s boyfriend, a large crowd gathered there and they greeted him with thunderous applause. The whole scene looked like a scene from a movie. On the other hand, this act of the girl provoked the administration of the university and on Friday she published a letter and decided to fire the two students.

Dismissal of students created a storm on Twitter
It was said in the notification that during the disciplinary committee meeting, it was found that these students had broken the rules. He said the two students had been called but did not come. He has since been fired. In contrast, the dismissal of the students created a storm on Twitter. A lot of people question the university administration’s decision by tweeting it in a funny way.

The University of Lahore has issued an advisory

One user even posted an article from the film Mohabbatein by Amitabh Bachchan in which the Bollywood superhero was made of such a prince who is an enemy of the students. He wrote: “I present before you the director of the University of Lahore”. Another wrote: “Pawri is coming. It’s me, it’s my girlfriend and we’re going to be sacked.

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