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News in LaPetitePelle attracts – N ° 384 Published on 05/30/2021 at 9:00 AM It’s Sunday and your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle is back! Every week our illustrator draws the video game news for you. This time, LLP returns to the new category available on Twitch. In this new Sunday board from LaPetitePelle, your favorite illustrator comes back with humor to the creation of the category dedicated to pools, hot tubs, and beaches on Twitch, all against the backdrop of console warfare. On May 21st, this very special Twitch category was born: Pools, Hot Tubs and Beaches, in short a category dedicated to the streams of swimming trunks, be it in a whirlpool or an inflatable pool. Unexpected announcement? Yes and no, because it has been a few weeks since this type of content spread across the platform. If some were expecting a total ban on this type of content, Twitch decided differently and put it through a special category so as not to end up with girls in swimsuits while we look for a little live chat. This category is already very popular with some viewers, but also with content creators who have found an easy way to make money. An opportunity that will make more than one salivate, even the ones we least expected in this niche … Although it shouldn’t be long according to the Sony report released this week, the PS5 is still not profitable and the The idea of ​​making ends meet with light content is a bit tempting, isn’t it? From meakaya, writing MP

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