LaSexta Barometer | 35.8% of respondents do not know how to qualify the new “ Celaá law ”

Publication: Sunday, November 29, 2020 2:18 PM

New laSexta barometer, this time on the new “Celaá law” approved by the Congress of Deputies. Its acceptance is not far from being total, with mobilizations in different regions of Spain and with an intense political debate.

According to the LaSexta barometer, more than a third of those questioned (35.8%) do not know, do not answer or admit not being informed of what the entry into force of this law involves. Another 35% qualify LOMLOE as negative and 29% qualify it as positive.

Division among respondents also when asked if the law will endanger collaborative education. Here again, the option don’t know, don’t answer (35.8%) wins, followed by “yes” (35.2%) and “no” (29%).

Again, around 36% (35.8%) do not know if LOMLOE means the closure of special education centers, with 33.1% believing it and 31.1% believing it not.

The following questions give clearer percentages. Almost half of respondents (49.7%) consider it appropriate that gender-separated schools no longer be publicly funded, with a third of respondents (33.3%) against. 17% do not know or do not answer this question.

More than half of respondents (55.6%) positively believe that the subject of religion stops counting for average marks and scholarships, a measure against 43.3% of those questioned.

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