LaSexta Barometer | 54% of respondents positively appreciate the changes in government

Update: Saturday, July 17, 2021 2:38 PM

Published: 07/17.2021 14:36

A week after Pedro Sánchez’s profound changes in his government, more than half of the citizens see him positively. This is the result of the latest laSexta barometer, with data from the Invimark Institute.

54.1% of respondents appreciate these changes positively, while 44.7% see them negatively. Majority support within the PSOE, with 85.9% of respondents approving these eight ministerial changes. Vox is upside down, with a rejection of 94.9%. Podemos and PP share 79% of the vote, but in the first case it is positive and in the second, negative.

Similar percentages when one wonders if this reform was necessary for the government. Again, an opinion of 53.3% in favor of the remodeling, for a position of 45.5% against. Once again, PSOE supporters are more strongly supporting the need for change in front of United We Can voters, supporting the need for change in three quarters.

For the majority of respondents (23%), the main objective of the new government should be the health crisis and the improvement of public health. It is followed by 18% and 15%, respectively, to stimulate the economy and generate jobs. Later there are other issues that also concern like pensions, immigration, the unity of Spain and gender violence.

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