LaSexta Barometer | 55% of respondents believe that Spain is handling the pandemic in the same way as other European countries

Publication: Sunday, November 15, 2020 2:15 PM

Most Spaniards believe that our country is handling the pandemic in the same way as other European countries. According to the laSexta barometer, 55% of respondents think this way compared to 37% who think we are doing worse. On the other hand, 7% believe that we manage it better.

It is the voters of the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos who make the worst results, with the unanimity among the voters of the formation led by Abascal (100%).

They also practice unanimity when they assess the reduction in VAT at 4% on masks. This is positive for 96% of respondents. Three-quarters consider the price of masks to be expensive, while 24% consider it normal.

The barometer analyzes the confidence of the population in the vaccines that will be ready in the coming months. A majority of almost 57% think they will be effective, compared to 40% who think the opposite. It’s curious how trust varies depending on who we’re voting for.

In the opposition parties, the majority doubt its effectiveness, the voters of Ciudadanos being equally distributed (tied at 48.4%). Spaniards are divided into two groups: those who would be ready to be vaccinated with the first doses (49%) and those who would not (48.8%). Once again, it is the followers of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos who in the majority assure that they would not be vaccinated.

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